Questions and Answers
1. Why should I choose a SaaS store?
SaaS (Software As a Service) is a software offered as a service - it involves using the software over the internet, in a way to rent it from the supplier. In this model, all obligations related to maintenance, updating and servicing are carried out by the supplier. SaaS enables conducting business using the latest IT technologies without long-term implementations and large investments.
If you were afraid of running the store yourself before starting online sales due to the lack of specialist knowledge, technical facilities or the need to purchase a server, then you do not have to worry about these issues when choosing a SaaS solution. To sell on the Internet you only need a device with access to the network. Forget about IT, graphics, and even more about a specialist agency and start running your business.
When choosing a SaaS store, you do not incur any expenses for equipment, purchase of licenses or installation, all infrastructure (including the purchase of servers and their maintenance) is transferred to the software supplier in the case of SaaS.
The online store in the SaaS model is a ready-made solution, available immediately. You start it by completing the form, after a while you get the login details and you can start now. There is nothing faster and simpler.
2. Does the graphic in the online store matter?
The psychology of consumer behavior leaves no illusions - the decision to buy in a given e-store is made within a few seconds. The skilled eye of the customer quickly assesses the attractiveness of the website and either the buyer stays or irretrievably abandons the given store. A well-presented home page, catalog or individual products can therefore determine the visitor to shopping.
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